louis vuitton uk's signature monogram pattern was created in part to eliminate counterfeit. Unfortunately, 99% of Louis Vuitton bags available on the market today are fakes. Louis Vuitton takes a hard stance against those cheap Louis Vuitton handbags with a dedicated legal team. It is impossible for it to stop all replica handbags, especially since they are increasingly more "authentic" in their look. The place of Louis Vuitton sequence number varies to different series, but usually its in the following place: In the sewing place (such as the bottom of bag,left top or right top of sewing place) In the back of Louis vuitton leather brand thats inside the goods.

The connecting place of band in the bottom place.
(1)Some LOGO must be symmetrical no matter in front and rear,up and downleft and right, it requires much cloth to reach this requirement.
 (2)Matching leather part will give chemical reaction when it encounter cheap louis vuitton bags air, and will turn red by natural oxidation, this is a kind of noblest coral red, most factories seldom have this kind of leather.
 (3)The effect of sewing must be symmetrical. Theres a light guard line beside the yellow line on the band of matching leather.
(4)In the dripping water test, matching leather part suck the water and it turns black after dripped water.
 (5)The white color that link up to the edge of the louis vuitton bag can turn to red leather line, and its thin,erect and round. The ordinary factories cant finish this task.
(6)The inside leather materials that have serial number are canvas,leather wool, and the first leather is identified by eye.
(7)Its easiest to use the metal slide fastener and the cost of this kind of slide fastener is very high.
(8)Since the Louis Vuitton handbag is three-dimensional, it looks like louis vuitton bags geometric shape from each angle, its concavo-convex and wont have the phenomenon of uneven.
 (9)The serial number of dustproof bag.

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